Shahzad Asad, Anjum Munir, Shah N. Malik, Nazakat Nawaz


The ground nut material, (including germplasm, candidate line etc) was planted at NARC in a previously sick field with the objective to check material for resistance against tikka leaf spot disease caused by Cercospora personata. A total of 44 entries were evaluated under four different sets of experiments whereas BARD-479 was included as the check. Among four candidate entries one entry exhibited 1R reaction two were 3MR compared to check which showed 7S reaction. Among the 13 entries of the International Confectionery ground nut trail 5 entries showed 1R and 5 were showing 3MR reactions whereas two entries exhibited 5MS. Among fifteen entries of NUGYT, six entries were found resistant(R), seven were moderate resistant (MR) while one entry was moderately susceptible (MS). Among thirteen entries of advance medium maturity ground nut yield trail, seven were found resistant (R), four were MR while one entry exhibited MS compared to check which exhibited S reaction. Based on this evaluation it is concluded that 18 entries have exhibited the resistance against Tikka disease whereas BARD-479 (Check) showed susceptible response under natural conditions. The lines showing 1R reaction can be used in the varietal development.


Ground nut, Tikka leaf spot, Resistance

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