Muhammad Sajid, Abdul Rashid, Muhammad Abid, Humaira Jamil, Muhammad R. Bashir, Zahid M. Sarwar, Rashida Perveen, Sobia Chohan


In present research assessment of disease incidence was made between Bt and Non-Bt cotton against bacterial blight disease. Experiment was carried out in natural environmental conditions on twenty eight varieties/advance lines. Findings of the experiments depicted more disease incidence on Non-Bt varieties viz., Non Bt-FH 901 (41.7-43.4%), Non Bt-MNH 496 (47.6-49.5%), Non Bt-FH 1000 (48.6-51.2%), Non Bt-FH 207 (54.5-57.5%), Non BT-N 112 (54.7-56.3%), Non BT-FH 942 (55.7-59.5%), Non BT-MNH 6070 (61.5-64.7%), Non Bt-FH 941 (63.4-61.6%), Non BT-N 814 (70.4-71.3%), Non Bt-FH 900 (74.7-77.4%), Non Bt-ANMOL (74.8-76.8%), Non Bt-FH 2015 (78.5-80.6%), Non BT REDACOLA (81.5-79.6%) and Non BT-C 26 (83.3-85.6%) while BT varieties BT-S-78 (25.8-26.7%), BT-Z-33 (26.7-22.2%), BT-786 (28.6-31.5%), BT-A-ONE (28.8-26.5%), BT-282 (30.5-27.6%), BT-886 (33.5-35.3%), BT-3701 (38.3-36. %), BT-SPECIAL (38.4-34.6%), BT-802 (41.3-43.4%), BT-92 (41.4-44.4%), BT-131 (43.8-41.7%), BT-905 (44.6-42.3%), BT-SUPPER (45.6-46.8%) and BT-121 (48.6-52.4%) showed decreased response respectively. Hence, concluded that difference/variability in the resistant sources is present in Pakistan against the disease among BT varieties as compared to Non-Bt.


Blight, Xanthomonas citri pv. malvacearum, resistant, Varietie, Bacillus thuringiensis

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