Shaukat Hussain, Syed J.A. Shah


Yellow rust, attributed to Puccinia striiformis f.sp. tritici Erikss (Pst), stands as a pivotal challenge in the context of wheat cultivation in Pakistan. The implementation of Adult Plant Resistance (APR) emerges as a robust and sustainable strategy for its effective management. In this regard, a meticulous preliminary APR study was conducted, encompassing 50 genotypes, spanning three consecutive cropping seasons in Peshawar, Pakistan. From the initial study, 29 seedling susceptible genotypes, harbouring Yr18 and defeated all-stage resistance genes, were selected for further APR evaluation. This extended evaluation unfolded across six diverse rust-prone locations within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Province of Pakistan from 2010 to 2013. Statistical analysis revealed significant differences (P<0.05) among genotypes, locations, and years x locations concerning the average coefficient of rust infection (ACI), albeit of marginal importance. Conversely, years, locations x genotypes, years x genotypes, years x locations, and years x locations x genotypes exhibited non-significance. Categorization based on ACI of 0-20 and 21-40 over years-locations were inferred to carry high and moderate levels of APR, respectively. Among the Yr18-based genotypes, ACI values ranged from 7 to 39, with 14 genotypes demonstrating varying degrees of APR. Additionally, 15 genotypes, carrying defeated all-stage resistance genes, showcased ACI values ranging from 12 to 34, indicative of residual resistance. Seven genotypes exhibited high APR levels (93T347, Wafaq-2001, Bakhtwar-93, 99B2278, CT00231, Kohsar-93, Shafaq-06), while an equal number demonstrated moderate levels (V-99022, V-01180, Faisalabad-83, Sindh-81, Punjab-96, Maxi-Pak, and Tandojam-83). Notably, these genotypes not only aligned with the findings of the preliminary study but also demonstrated substantial yield potential. Their inclusion in the Pakistan national wheat improvement program is deemed highly beneficial, offering a foundation for further enhancement through the integration of effective genes aimed at mitigating allo and auto rust infections across diverse regions of the country.


Adult Plant; Resistance; Wheat; Yellow Rust

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