Aziz U. Rehman, Muhammad E. Khan, Khalid P. Aktar, Sadia Kuakab, Muhammad S. Saeed, Muhammad J. Asghar, Jafer Salim


One hundred and fifty genotypes of Mungbean were screened against two major diseases of Mungbean prevailed in Pakistan namely, Yellow Mosaic Disease (YMD) and Leaf Spot Disease (CLSD) at two different locations in Faisalabad. Germplasm screening was conducted under inoculum pressure at Faisalabad region during Kharif season 2017-18. Out of these One hundred and fifty genotypes, seventy-six were highly resistant (HR), forty-three were resistant (R), twelve were moderately resistant (MR), fifteen were moderately susceptible (MS), three were susceptible (S) and one was highly susceptible (HS) for Mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV) based on rating scale. Seventy-six genotypes having highly resistant disease reaction can be used for breeding after further screening. No accession was found highly resistant, resistant and moderately resistant for Cercospora Leaf Spot Disease. However, 75 genotypes were found moderately susceptible, 57 genotypes were suspectable and 18 genotypes were highly susceptible against Cercospora leaf spot disease on the basis of rating scale and Percent Diseases Intensity (PDI%). Twelve genotypes were moderately susceptible for both the diseases, thirty-eight genotypes were highly resistant for MYMV and moderately susceptible for CLS. Similarly, fourteen genotypes were resistant to MYMV and moderately susceptible for CLS, seven genotypes were moderately resistant to MYMV and moderately susceptible to CLS. Five genotypes (MPP-15038, MPP-15039, MPP-15024, MPP-15002 and MPP-15003) were higher yielding as compared to other genotypes studied. These five genotypes can be used as a source of higher yield and can be bred with other genotypes having good disease resistance and other desirable characters.


Mungbean Yellow Mosaic, Cercospora Leaf Spot, Characterization, Pakistan

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