Yasir Ali, Tatheer Abbas, Hafiz M. Aatif, Salman Ahmad, Azhar A. Khan, Chaudhry M.S. Hanif


The stripe rust of wheat caused severe grain yield losses in Pakistan and all over the world. The present investigation involved two replicated experiments conducted in the research area of Bahuddin Zakriya University, Bahadur Sub campus Layyah during the 2018-2019 and 2019 -2020 cropping seasons by following the Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD). In both experiments, four different fungicides viz., Metiram @ 625g/ha; Sulphur @ 2500g/ha; Propiconazole @ 625ml/ha and Difenaconazole @ 375g/ha were evaluated to determine their impact on stripe rust severity and grain yield. Data on disease severity were recorded by using the modified Cobbs scale whereas; a number of grain/spike and thousand-grain weight was recorded after harvesting the crop. All four applied fungicides reduced the stripe rust severity as compared to control. However, maximum disease was controlled by Difenaconazole during both rating seasons 2018-19 (22.2%) and 2019-2020 (21.1%) followed by Propiconazole (21.6% & 20.5%), Sulphur (20.7% & 19.9%) and Metiram (20.1% & 19.4%). Grain yield was significantly increased with the foliar application of fungicides during both successive years. The present investigation could play an important role in controlling stripe rust epidemics and enhancing grain yield in central Asian countries. 


Fungicides, grain yield, management, stripe rust, wheat

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