Makhmudov T. Khalimovich, Kadirova Nasirovna, Adilov B. Shukhratovich, Abdikarimov B. Qurombayevich, Abduvaliev B. Abdurashitovich, Ziyaev Z. Mashrabovich, Sherimbetov A. Gulmirzayevich, Kurganov Sardor


Wheat has long been considered an important plant in the national economy, and several phytopathogenic viruses have been studied to infect this plant, the most common of which is Barley yellow dwarf virus. BYDV causes great economic damage in agriculture. This article presents the results of research conducted on the BYDV-PAV strain isolated from Uzbekistan. As a result of the conducted research, plant samples (leaf, root, stem) collected from wheat fields in Tashkent region were diagnosed by BYDV-PAV RT-PCR method using special primers based on nucleotide sequence of ORF3 gene of BYDV-PAV coat protein. As a result of research, the presence of the BYDV-PAV strain was found in the collected samples, and the nucleotide sequence of BYDV-PAV was studied. BLASTN and phylogenetic analysis of the virus isolate based on the determined nucleotide sequence showed the highest genetic similarity by 99.81% with the Morocco PAV-type isolate MA9501 (AJ007929.1) while the lowest similarity rate was 87.10% with the Tunisian isolate PAV-TN4 (JX402456.1).


Wheat, RT-PCR, Cloning, Molecular characterization, Phylogenetic analyses.

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