Amna Shoaib, Nafisa ,, Ghanwa Riaz, Qudsia Fatima, Uswa Fatima, Nimra Iqbal


Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) was found a fast and efficient tool to identify compositional alterations in the cell wall of Pisum sativum L. (green pea) growing in copper [Cu(II)]-spiked and Sclerotium rolfsii (SR) inoculated soil. In the current study, the separate and combined effect of S. rolfsii and Cu(II) was assessed on cell wall biochemistry and Cu accumulation in the pea plants. Data regarding metal content, bioaccumulation factors, and translocation factors revealed that 90-day-old green pea plants could handle metal stress by restricting Cu(II) translocation from root to shoot. Soil FTIR showed shifting in kaolinite and quartz peaks after binding with Cu(II) and SR. Cu(II) and SR induced major changes in the protein and carbohydrate regions of the plants.


Copper, Bioaccumulation factors, Metal accumulation, Sclerotia.

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