Salman Ahmad, Nazakat Hussain, Malik A. Rehman, Irfan Ahmad, Yasir Ali, Muhammad E.U. Haq, Ikram U. Haq, Kamra Mahmood


The study's objectives were to report the fungal diseases of sunflower hybrids present in different areas of Punjab and to record their incidence in these areas. For this purpose, surveys of sunflowers' summer crops were conducted invarious areas of Punjab (Chakwal, Faisalabad, and Sargodha), Pakistan, during October 2020, for the collection of data. Disease incidence (DI) was calculated by counting the number of plants infected with different fungal diseases and dividing them by the total number of plants. The incidence of leaf spot was recorded maximum in Chakwal (40%), Faisalabad (34%), and Sargodha (40%), whereas the prevalence of phomapsis was lowest in Chakwal (24%), Faisalabad (22%), and Sargodha (20%). Leaf spot and leaf blight were with high incidence and widely distributed in three regions of the Punjab than remaining other fungal diseases. The other diseases observed in these areas were charcoal rot, phoma black stem, rust, verticillium wilt, downy mildew, powdery mildew and phomopisis stem canker. A significant difference in the incidence of fungal diseases was also observed in different locations. The current study provides baseline information about the prevalence of fungal diseases in different areas of Punjab. It will help in design new studies regarding these diseases so that future epidemics of these fungal diseases can be avoided. 


Incidence; sunflower; charcoal rot; phoma black stem rust; verticillium wilt.

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